Rainbow Colorants by Karin Sasine


  • Sale!

    Complete Colorant Set

  • Sale!

    Hand Forged Double Italian Spatula

  • 3 Piece Mini Silicone Bowl Set

    3 Piece Mini Silicone Bowl Set

  • Sale!

    BK 555 XL

  • Red T26F – Single Colorant 20G

  • Plum (LIMITED EDITION)- Single Colorant 10G

  • Hand-Forged Ergonomic Tweezers

    Hand-Forged Ergonomic Tweezers

  • Double Sided Mini Spatula

    Double Sided Mini Mosaic Spatula

  • Green HP – Single Colorant 30G

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Learn the Foundations in Mosaics

Don’t get overwhelmed with all of the information available online. Let us help you create a solid foundation, from start to finish, with expert guided attention every step of the way.
You will gain knowledge, get mentoring, and increase your confidence in your Mosaic Artistry.
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Gain Knowledge

The knowledge you will learn will build a solid foundation to create exceptional artistic mosaics.

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Get Mentoring

You will feel comfortable knowing that you have a mentor that has years of international experience.
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Increase Confidence

You will become a more confident mosaic artist and avoid costly mistakes.
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An Online Course to Help Beginners Navigate the World of Mosaic Art

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Learn the Best Techniques & Tips in Mosaics

Mosaic Artist Karen Sasine will guide you through the world of mosaics with over 15 hours of online instructional videos and BONUS content, which includes 150 pages of downloadable mosaic material with breathtaking images.

You will be able to enjoy the Foundations Course live call recordings, as well as a Private Facebook group with personalized attention, and Lifetime Access to all of the course materials and future course upgrades.

Learn the right way so you don’t make costly mistakes as you journey into the world of mosaics!

Just some of the exciting things you will learn:

Online Mosaics Suppliers Guide

Get an Online Suppliers Guide, which is worth its weight in gold.

Mosaic Studio Secrets

Learn the secrets to Karen’s Mosaic Studio to help you with your own.

Private Mosaics Facebook Group

Gain access to the private mentoring Facebook Group to learn and share with others.

Learn Proper Safety Techniques

Learn important safety techniques to use while working with mosaic materials.

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The Foundations Course

Here is what you will learn during the Foundations in Mosaic Course.
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Module 1
Intro to Mosaic Terms
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Module 2
Setting Up Your Studio
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Module 3
Variety of Tesserae
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Module 4
Tools of the Trade
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Module 5
Plan Your Design
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Module 6
Best Cutting Techniques
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Module 7
Adhesives & Substrates
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Module 8
All About Grout


A Little Love From Our Clients

I just want to thank you for starting Mosaic Mentoring. You have no idea what it does for me. I am a self taught mosaic artist from a very small town and have no other mosaic artists to talk to and learn from. This site is the best gift I have been given as far as mosaic is concerned.



What I find so very amazing is not only how very talented some artists are but how very down-to-earth and genuine most are. Many of them are already world-famous and will go down in the books as some of the best mosaic artists of our time, yet they still take time to acknowledge questions and posts from other people regardless of your skill level! That says a lot about the person behind the art! Not only is their art beautiful, but they are also beautiful and giving people! What your doing with this group Karen, is a perfect example of what I’m talking about! I can’t thank you enough!
Carla Drake


Karen’s class was the first I ever took. When she says Foundations, she means Foundations. Learning from her at the very beginning has set me up to understand every class I’ve taken since, so much better. I frequently go back and review what I learned from Karen. It was worth every penny. Karen is an absolute dream to work with and she has opened so many doors for me in my creativity. Any time Karen posts anything, I want to see it. Many times over. Thank you Karen for inspiring and teaching me!! LvU!


A talk show host brought up this quote today and I thought it was very appropriate for our group. “Inspiration without Information leads to Frustration.” Karen has provided us with a way to make informed decisions in our creative process and helped to lessen the frustration from trying to go it alone. Thanks Karen!

Mary Beth Hile


I really enjoyed reading 10 Secrets from My Mosaic Studio! It was well written and the tips were great. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the Silicone Cups for mixing grout. I can’t even count the amount of containers I had to throw out. Unlike other short e-books I have read, Karen Sasine actually told me where to find the tools, this was very generous, as many group leaders will ‘hook you’ into buying a course or something before filling in those very important details.
Jay Fishman


I bought two pairs of tweezers from you. I have a kazillion tweezers that I hate, but yours are keepers. They actually work. I love them. They are the bestest!
Linda Henckel Drinkhorn


As an artist with many ideas and not knowing where to start, I recently contacted Karen when I was trying to figure out how to make progress on feeling healthier after a long illness and get some art projects in the works. I felt overwhelmed at where to begin. After my first phone call with Karen I felt I had a plan I could easily stick to. Karen listened to what I wanted to accomplish and offered precise steps for me to work towards in a manageable way. She is a very good listener with ideas that really resonated with me. Karen is knowledgeable about making changes in my diet to attain more energy and balance. She then made sure I knew what it would take to work on and complete. Being able to complete a few things on my list has propelled me to keep working and completing tasks. She also told me I could ask questions and let her know I was working on my goals via messaging. I felt this accountability really helped me to stay on task. Having Karen offer some direction has kick started me towards accomplishing things I recently only thought about. Karen’s art degree as well as health and coaching were evident in her knowledge to offer suggestions in a very professional way. I highly recommend Karen for anyone looking to take your art to the next level and achieve art goals and feel healthier and more balanced.
Barb Arne